Consumers League Newsletters

Consumers League been publishing the CLNJ Newsletter for over sixty years, currently on an irregular schedule.

  • August 2008 Newsletter:
    Lemon Law Reform; Rent to Own Settlement; 2008 Bill to Legalize Rent to Own; Consumer education for children; Annual Meeting.
  • September 2003 Newsletter: (PDF Format)
    Patricia Royer Installed as New CLNJ President
    N.J. Predatory Lending Bill Enacted
    Federal Agency Says Some Lenders Need Not Obey N.J.'s New Law re Predatory Mortgage Lending
    Looking Back and Forward
  • December 2002 Newsletter
    N.J. Predatory Lending Bill A. 75 Flipped to Favor Lenders
    Q. Who benefits most from A75? A. Banks which finance fraud.
    U.S. House Votes To Legalize Rent to Own Abuse
    Bad Bankruptcy Bill Defeated in House

  • September 2002 Newsletter
    House Committee Votes To Legalize Rent to Own Abuse;
    Bad Bankruptcy Bill Nears Passage; Unbalanced Bankruptcy Bill Is Wish List for Banks; Five Billion Credit Card Offers Refute Industry Claims; Consumer Groups Denounce Bankruptcy Bill; Microsoft Is Selling Your Private Data;
    N.J.Predatory Lending Bill Advances
    Consumer Litigation Conference: Atlanta, Oct. 25-28
  • May 2002 Newsletter
    No Action on New Jersey Predatory Lending Bills
    Is Congress for Sale? Bankruptcy Bill Deadlock?
    US Attorney Convicts Two More Re Land Flips Financed by Mortgages from Walsh Securities
    New Book: STOP Predatory Lending
    Judgment for $228,000 in Predatory Lending Case
    State Sues Land-flippers in Essex County
    Bill S.1200 to Stop Predatory Lending
    Gail Chester Wins Appeal
    Rent to Own Cy Pres Award
    CLNJ Joins American Congress of Consumer Organizations
  • December 2001 Newsletter
    US House subcommittee votes to legalize unlimited interest while prohibiting discloure of interest rate!
    Federal Reserve improves Regulation on Predatory Lending
    Arbitration- Threat to Justice System, You Can't Go to Court
    Fair Debt Collection Practices Act: Consumer Tips
    Interesting Internet Sites
  • September 2001 Newsletter
    U.S. House Committee to Vote on Legalizing Loanshark Interest for Rent to own stores; Predatory Mortgage Lending Hearing in U.S. Senate; Consumer Litigation Conference Coming to Baltimore.
  • April 2001 Newsletter
    Senate Passes Bad Bankruptcy Bill, Senator Corzine a Hero, Sen. Torricelli a zero; CLNJ Annual Meeting Notice; Predatory lending update; Credit Card Update; PIRG Report details credit card traps; PIRG pamphlet on credit cards available
  • January 2001 Newsletter
    Banks pay us 0.25% Interest, While we pay them 25%
    Greed Ratio: Chart Shows 66 to 1 Markup ; President Clinton Vetoes Senator Torricelli's Disgraceful Bankruptcy Bill; Bank Dirty Trick: Charging for Depositing Money!! Bank Dirty Trick: Poisoned Check; RENT TO OWN RAP NOW AVAILABLE ON INTERNET AS FREE MP3 FILE:
  • November 2000 Newsletter
    Electronic Signature Law: New Traps for Consumers; Consumer Conference Spotlight On Auto Fraud- Dealers Inflate Interest Other Auto Dealer Dirty Tricks; Required Disclosures in Car Sales NCLC Suggests Model Home Loan Protection Act; Governor Whitman Signs A.298 Despite Consumer Protest; New York Telemarketing Law Has Promise
  • August 2000 Newsletter
    Suggestions for New Jersey State Government on Predatory Lending: Mortgages, Licensed Lenders, Unlicensed lenders: Rent to Own, Pay day loans, Auto Pawns, "Who sues First??"
    Thank you to those who made CLNJ Centennial Dinner a Success;
  • April 2000 Newsletter
    Rent to Own Industry Loses in N.J. Legislature;
    CLNJ Centennial Dinner - a reunion of consumer advocates;
    CLNJ Accomplishments, 1985-2000
  • December 1999 Newsletter
    Rent to Own Votes in N.J. Legislature
    Congress Allows Banks-Insurance Companies-Stock Brokers to Merge: Upshot will be higher fees, fewer choices, no privacy
  • October 1999 Newsletter
    Confederate Flag in D.C.? Supreme Court Plays With Fire With States' Rights Ruling; Confederate Flag in N.J.? Bankruptcy Judges Uphold Federal Sovereignty; Who is a Federalist?
    In memoriam: Hon. Frank M. Johnson, Courageous Federal Judge
    Home Repair Class Action Back In N.J. Supreme Court;
    Late Fees Upheld;
    CLNJ in The New York Times: Pay Day Loans and the Civil Usury Law; Senate Defers Bankruptcy Bill;
    N.J. Rent to Own Bills Looming; Class Action Hypocrisy
  • May 1999 Newsletter
    Banks Buy Congress: House Passes HR 833, a Bill to Horsewhip Consumer Bankrupts
  • January 1999 Newsletter:
    Countdown to year 2000: Child Labor then and now;
    Rent to Own Ready for Vote in New Jersey
  • November 1998 Newsletter:
    Bankruptcy "Reform" Misses; 100% Interest in Rent to Own Threatens Poor; Governor Whitman must choose; Assembly Heroes and Zeroes; Consumers and CLNJ Win Round in NJ Supreme Court

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