New Jersey Legislature
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All citizens can (and should) check out the bills, the legislative calendar (check late each Monday and Thursday), and the names, addresses and phone numbers of your Senators and Assembly men and women. participation in democracy is easier than ever.

Rent to Own
Consumers League supports:
* S.1491 and A.294 to protect the poor, with the 30% criminal usury limit.

Real reform in rent to own would come about if the Legislature made rent to own:
* obey the law NJ's 30% criminal usury law like legitimate merchants do,
* disclose the Annual Percentage Rate- to hide the rate is inherently deceptive,
* base the APR on actual fair market values such as the price at "Sears" for the same/similar goods.

Consumers League condemns:
* S.1343/A.1097 which fleece the poor with interest rates exceeding 100%. Members of the Legislature who voted for this abomination will see their names preserved for posterity on our consumer "Zeroes" page. There CLNJ also honors those who voted for the consumer side.

Civil Usury Law
CLNJ opposes: A.2355, which repeals the civil usury law, a cornerstone of consumer credit regulation.

Consumers League of New Jersey is nonpartisan: CLNJ makes no endorsements and contributes no money to candidates. CLNJ criticizes both parties and all politicians who vote against the consumer interest. CLNJ gives you our honest opinions, and tries to persuade our elected officials to do what's right for consumers.

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