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American Bankruptcy Institute
Center for Community Change
Consumer Federation of America:
* CFA State and Local Member Organizations Consumer Action (San Francisco)
Consumers Union
National Association of Consumer Attorneys
National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys
National Consumers League
* Fraud Information Center from NCL
National Consumer Law Center
NJ Public Interest Research Group
US Public Interest Research Group
North Carolina Consumers Council


US Congress (Thomas)
Federal Trade Commission
Federal Communications Commission
N.J. Legislature: Calender, Bills, Addresses etc
N.J. Division of Consumer Affairs

The National Consumer Law Center publishes an outstanding series of Manuals and Newsletters on Bankruptcy, and many consumer law subjects. While primarily for attorneys, there are consumer books as well.

The American Bankruptcy Institute is the place to go for up-to-the-minute news on bankruptcy, including the contents of the various "bankruptcy reform" bills in Congress.

Computer Software:

Download the Adobe Acrobat Reader from Adobe Corp. Documents in Acrobat are common on the Internet, on CD-ROMs, and are a great way to share and print files across different platforms. With Acrobat Reader you can get an exact copy of our Rent to Own pamphlet.

Misc. Consumer

ConsumerWorld is an exhaustive collection of links and bargains from Edgar Dworsky.
Kelley Blue Book: how much is that car worth?

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